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He hit that shit with a purpose

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Not a shower… Well yeah take a shower, you gotta stay fresh. Ain’t nobody dope as me I’m just so fresh so clean. But yes, take a bath. I am Austin Breezy Boo & I approve this message.

So my shower head has been broken for this  past week, and I haven’t touched a bar of soap since! Lmao no jk jk. 

Since my shower head has been in need of some maintenance, I had to improvise. I’ve now been cutting out an extra 10-15 minutes or so a day to make sure I have enough to complete my bathing rituals.

I fill the tub up half way, crack the window half open, pour some of that exceptional smelling Bath & Body Works shit inside the love tub, turn on my Casey Veggies playlist on Spotify, & I’m ready to go.

I must say, I’ve been experiencing some great quality time with just me and my body; My soul, and mind woven together in deep meditation. I’ve been thinking about life just sitting there in that luke warm water, staring out my half opened blinds into a clear sky. Open skies waiting for me to make my mark upon on another day.

I was so used to cleaning my body in such a hurried manner, I almost forgot the power of a nice, heart-comforting bath to start my day or end my night. So the next time you have an extra 30 minutes to spare, I encourage you all to bring out the old school Blue’s Clues Bubble Bath soap, play some Sade, and take ya stinky ass into the bath tub! Lmao. Let’s make taking baths sexy again! 

Well at least until I get my shower head fixed…

Quik's Groove 9
DJ Quik

Quik’s Groove 9

We Go On
Pat Metheny Group
Kin (←→)
"Sometimes I almost feel like music is a mistake—like we are not supposed to know about it. We have noses so we can smell, ears to hear, and eyes to see. Music, of course, comes in through out ears, but we all know that it is not just sounds. There is something else included in music that is very difficult to define. To me, it reminds us of where we were before and where we are going after. It is a mysterious vapor that somehow slips in the cracks between this plane of existence and some other one. The people who are good musicians have the ability to conjure up more of that vapor than others. Everyone recognizes it when it’s there. It something universal that goes beyond language and beyond race, country, or nationality. It is unmistakable when that vapor is there, we recognize it as something we all have in common."
Pat Metheny (via tree-whisper)

Porcelain soda cans 


Porcelain soda cans 

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